It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation to you on behalf of Aaron and Bethany Pratt. They were exceptional students while attending Landmark Baptist Church and College.

Both Aaron and Bethany were involved in soul winning while here. He was student council president his senior year and was also a Sunday School bus captain. Bethany, daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Dan White, represented our college in a traveling ladies ensemble and always had a pleasant, willing heart for serving the LORD. Aaron graduated with honors in 2012 and he and Beth were married in June.

The Lord has given this couple a good and varied ministry these short, few years…They have an excellent spirit and are well grounded in their faith. They are dedicated servants of the Lord and I believe they will be a blessing to any pastor who has them come. Thank you for your consideration and may God continue to bless you in your work for Him.

Pastor Mickey Carter
Landmark Baptist Church - Haines City, Fl

Bro. Aaron Pratt and his wife Bethany have been in our church, and the Lord used them to be a great blessing to our people. I believe that Bro. Pratt is a man who seeks after God and that he will be a great blessing to your ministry also.

Pastor Tom Harrison
Prairie Baptist Church - Scotts, MI

I recommend Brother Pratt to you. He is a man who wants to know God’s will and desires to accomplish God’s will for his life and the life of his family. Aaron has an excellent spirit and is skillful in the use of the Word of God. Aaron was a blessing to our church when we invited him to preach. Not only was Aaron a blessing, but his wife and family added to the blessing in our church. You will be encouraged and challenged in your walk with the Lord and reaching those around you.

Pastor Jason Myers
Bethel Baptist Church - Medina, OH